Week 5

Serolsar Lake, 2019

I started working on this weeknote in the middle of the week itself. So hopefully this will feel like less work on Sunday (it did!).

  • Nose waxing is a thing and it’s horrifying. No, I haven’t ever tried it. It showed up on Instagram’s Explore page (after I’d gone down a rabbit hole of eyelash extension process videos) and it looked like one of the most painful, unnecessary, and unhealthy practices the beauty industry has ever coughed up.
  • Kenneth shared this Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design with us during an ownpath mentorship session and it gave me some insight into my personal relationship with tech.
    I’ve never really had an issue with technology. I pick up design tools pretty quickly, enjoy making things with code, and in general can appreciate it as a medium to get things done more efficiently, connect people across the globe, make resources accessible, and all that good stuff. But I don’t particularly enjoy using laptops and mobile phones. Organizing my digital space is an absolute bore and I even loathe typing on most days. Basically, I don’t want to have anything to do with tech unless it’s necessary. I don’t know how that reflects on me as a digital product designer but it is what it is. Ideally, I’d like to design interfaces that people like me would actually enjoy.
    So far I’ve been trying to view this problem through the lens of my love for making art. Making art is easily my favorite thing in the world. It’s my one truth. So had assumed that digital art too, would be fun for me. But I could never get into it. I bought myself a Wacom but hated the disconnect between my hand, the tablet, and what was actually showing up on the screen. I practiced but never warmed up to it. Something about all digital art software just felt very constricting and I’m still trying to place my finger on it. With my current understanding, it’s probably something to do with the tactility of traditional art that’s missing in digital mediums.
    Anyway, coming back to the article, it talks about how even though we use our hands to interact with tech, they’re still criminally underutilized. Our hands can do so much more than press buttons and tap on glass screens! We can feel and manipulate in so many ways with our hands. I think I might enjoy tech much more if I could interact with it in more ways than tapping on Pictures Under Glass.
    In some abstract way, I want to feel the satisfying weight of the pages of words I’ve typed, the grainy textures in illustrations I adore, or even the volume of the 14,377 unread emails in my inbox.
  • Remember I’ve been listening to the New Layer podcast lately? I mailed them a while back with a question and they actually recorded an entire episode, Dealing With Ambiguity, that answers it. It was such a pleasant surprise. But then I heard them refer to me as “he” and my heart fell a little. If you don’t know who you’re talking about, just use a gender-neutral “they”, friends. It’s not that hard.
  • It struck me yesterday that one of the t-shirts I wear at home is actually half as old as me, ~12 years. And it’s been in regular use throughout. It used to be my sister’s before she grew out of it and it was passed on to me. Sure, it’s a little faded but otherwise in a very wearable state. This is a big deal to me because I had a beloved black boatneck t-shirt that lasted me only two years before it decided to tear up holes in itself last year. Ridiculous!
  • I applied for a freelance gig for the first time this week. I didn’t land it but learned quite a bit about the process, and drafting proposals, so that was great. I’ve always regretted not freelancing when in college but better late than never I suppose.
  • I’ve been enjoying mangoes a lot. God bless mangoes.
  • This week I was feeling sick of all the k-pop and mellow indie-folk nonsense I usually listen to so instead I ventured into Spotify’s Hot Hits India playlist. It was great.
  • Headspace meditations have been going strong.
  • Workouts have also been consistent. I decided to do Rachel’s 2-Week Get Shredded Challenge so I don’t have to make a decision every morning about which video to do.
  • The parents and I watched Jojo Rabbit on Saturday and we all loved it.

That’s it for this week. I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.



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