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I like design, art, tech (in that order), and write weeknotes.

After I had that little crisis last week about how these weeknotes aren’t actually helping me get better at writing, I decided to experiment with more of a newsletter-ish format where the meat of the article is a single topic that is followed by short life updates.

This, however, paralyzed me because I couldn’t really think of anything worth writing about. Or so I believed. My hobbies and interests suddenly seemed frivolous. I mean, who would want to read my journey from being a nail-art-hater to having a Pinterest board of all the nail-art I want to try out, or…

I AM SORRY I keep skipping weeks I was just feeling like absolute trash.

  • I’ve been working on my design portfolio. The more portfolios I look at, the more confused I get about what a good portfolio is. All of them have started looking the same so now I don’t know how recruiters do it.
  • I’ve been thinking about whether I’m able to achieve what I had in mind with these weeknotes. I wanted to write more to get better at it. But I’ve ended up writing most of the entries in 20 minutes just to get them over with…

The fellowship ends in a week and I am gently freaking out.

  • A lot of us avoid doing things because they may not seem to be “our thing”. As in, we may not have seen anyone who we relate to (in my case, usually by gender) do those things. I hope you identify this in your life and scorn the thought.
  • Tejas Bhatt shared this very interesting article on typography called Ink traps and pals. I learned a lot of cool things from it.
  • I start writing my weeknote mid-week, I swear, but I end up writing it quite recklessly…

Apologies for the skipped week but I got my first dose of the vaccine! I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to land a slot using that godforsaken website. It was easily one of the strangest days of my life. As someone who hasn’t been stepping out at all, it was quite unsettling to see how things are out there even with only the vaccination setups.

  • A woman came and said hi to me while we waited and I mused to myself about how strange extroverts were. They even want to make friends at vaccination centers, ridiculous! But after thinking…

Serolsar Lake, 2019

I started working on this weeknote in the middle of the week itself. So hopefully this will feel like less work on Sunday (it did!).

  • Nose waxing is a thing and it’s horrifying. No, I haven’t ever tried it. It showed up on Instagram’s Explore page (after I’d gone down a rabbit hole of eyelash extension process videos) and it looked like one of the most painful, unnecessary, and unhealthy practices the beauty industry has ever coughed up.
  • Kenneth shared this Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design with us during an ownpath mentorship session and it gave me…

Hikes with Momo (Tirthan Valley, 2019)

I didn’t want to write this and that’s why it’s a day late. But it’s here. Here are a few of the things that annoyed me this week —

  1. The sorry shape of my chapatis
    It’s been weeks of making chapatis almost every day but they’re still always just extremely rounded squares and triangles.
  2. Excessive use of names in conversation
    I get it, Aditya. You want to win friends and influence people. But you’re overdoing it and it almost sounds condescending when used in debate.
  3. Jessica
    I’m at season 3 of Fresh Off the Boat. My mother and I are loving…

Auroville, 2016

Last week just zoomed past me. But I also got a lot done. I don’t know how to write about the pandemic. I’ve hardly stepped out in the last one year now, seen my best friends only once or twice. My father has been having to go to work regularly since the first lockdown and he worries a lot. I can’t wait for him and my mother to get their second dose.

  • I turned 24 today. I had a quiet birthday with my parents. Pizza, Monopoly (I went bankrupt), pani puri, and two cakes were involved. I’ve been dreading turning…

Ooty, 2018

It’s a little sad that this is only my second weeknote and I’ve already managed to have the dullest week in months. I didn’t do much. I spent the last few months taking it easy and working on a single project but since last week I’ve been working on two projects as well as my portfolio. And when things get even mildly hectic, my knee-jerk reaction is to drop it all and do nothing. I didn’t work on the UI challenge, didn’t look at my portfolio, made extremely slow progress on the projects, barely touched my book, did not practice…

Tirthan Valley, 2019

I’ve been mostly off social media for the last 2 months. Deep Work, the book, is to be blamed. Social media just didn’t make much sense for me in my current life circumstances. It’s been amazing, my head feels more like the clear sky that the Headspace dude talks about but I still do want to occupy some space on the internet and work on my writing so here we are.

  • I played basketball on Saturday after two weeks and it was great. Dragging my elder sister along was a fantastic idea. My stamina did take a hit after being…

The story of how we made an app to help people with dyslexia

When we started brainstorming ideas for our degree’s thesis project, we knew that we wanted to work towards improving how people interact with technology, specifically accessibility. Through preliminary research, we narrowed our focus down to visual and cognitive impairments such as dyslexia, color blindness, and partial vision loss. Here is how we created Augmenta11y, an AR solution for helping individuals with dyslexia read real-world text better.

The Why

According to Dyslexia International, at least 1 in 10 people are affected by dyslexia, i.e. more than 700 million children and adults worldwide. Being a hidden disability, it is difficult to detect and has…

Mudita Sisodia

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